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HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts Information

What are sauce carts? Firstly, Sauce cartridges are vape pen cartridges filled with sauce. All carts are used for vaping and include some type of cannabis concentrate, but sauce carts contain sauce specifically

HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts are a premium product, one of the best on the market. Secondly, The High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) created by High Voltage is counted amongst the best quality cannabis extracts. It’s a highly refined concentrate that contains the pure terpene essence of the cannabis plant.

Sauce carts flavors

High Voltage Carts

Moreover, The cannabis extract in the form of sauce placed in these carts is dedicated to delivering a high-end experience. High Voltage cartridges are a powerful and flavourful blend of pure 95% THC Distillate and terpenes derived from cannabis. They provide its users with a taste that is known to be true to the strain. Each cart is full of a rich taste and is strain-specific. BUY SAUCE CARTS ONLINE

Strawberry Fields Sauce Carts

Strawberry Fields is a tasteful hybrid, that is great for relaxing after a tiresome day. It’s an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, with an approximate ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It contains about 20-24% THC and approximately 1% CBD.

Strawberry Cough Sauce Carts

A cross between Strawberry Fields and classic Haze, this cannabis strain is recognized by its rich, delicious smell of strawberries. Being an Indica-dominant hybrid with an approximate ratio of 85% Sativa and 15% Indica, this strain is highly recommended for morning usage. In addition, Its THC levels typically average around 15-20%, but it has been tested as high as 22.98%.

Wedding Crasher

A crossbreed between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, this marijuana strain showcases vanilla and a smooth berry flavor profile. Wedding Crasher is Sativa-dominant, with an approximate ratio of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. Moreso, Its THC level averages around 16-21.5%, with a CBD content of around 1%. It is ideal for morning and daytime use.

Church OG

This cannabis strain is a potent crossbreed between God’s Gift and OG Kush. It is well-balanced, approximately sharing 50-50% Sativa and Indica content, although some review it as an Indica dominant strain. Finally, It is known to have strong body sensations and a powerful cerebral high. It contains about 0.23% CBD and about 19% THC. the ideal for nighttime use, or on a lazy day at home.

Death Bubba

Purple Candy

MK Ultra

Strawberry Cough + Nuken

Super Skunk

Wifi OG

Sour Amnesia

Wedding Cake



Blue Guava

Strawberry Cheesecake

Nevertheless, I recommend every user of vape pens should get sauce carts cause it helps with pain, depression and among others.


Strawberry Fields, Strawberry Cough, Wedding Crasher, Church OG, Death Bubba, Purple Candy, Megalodon, MK Ultra, Strawberry Cough + Nuken, Super Skunk,  

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3 reviews for HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts

  1. Victor

    Lovely place Carts

  2. Alain

    Best flavors ever

  3. Nunu

    Friendly customers service , quality products, good deals, comfortable store, plenty of parking and a great location!

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